How necklace jewelry boxes differ from other boxes for jewelry

The necklace jewelry boxes differ from the other boxes to organize and store your jewelry. First of all the drawers of the boxes are longer as the design foresees placing and hanging long necklaces and chains inside it. Secondly, the drawers are lined with a foam rubber. This feature protects jewelry from being scratched and broken. Very often the drawers are vertical so you can hang necklaces to the brass hooks. Such a necklace hooks jewelry box can accommodate dozens of long chains necklaces on lines of beads.

These jewelry boxes are usually made from wood ( the classic variant is maple), but the acrylic and plastic variants are admitted as well. The contemporary design of an acrylic jewelry box is a transparent chest when you see your treasures clearly every day and can admire the beauty of your jewelry. Such a box can decorate your flat in an unusual way.

The necklace jewelry boxes wholesale deals with a lot of different kinds of these units for the prices lower than in retail shops.You can choose anything you want there as the modern choice is really huge. If you like fashion jewelry and are fond of “being in trend” wearing a lot of necklaces with different clothes, get a good necklace jewelry chest for your home and organize your beautiful stuff there. Let your jewelry having its own cosy house – the stylish box for necklaces.

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