How to clean shower curtain mold

Black mold on shower curtain can be very irritating, and cleaning a shower curtain off dirt can be an arduous task especially when you don’t have the idea of how to clean your bathroom curtains. Are you scared you might destroy the beautiful look when you try to clean a shower curtain? The thing is, cleaning a shower curtain depends on how you wash it. Black spots on shower curtain can be removed with both hands and with the help of washing machine. Check out some tips to successfully washing off black spots on the shower curtain. This article will explain how to clean shower curtain liner, read along.

The residue of moisture mainly causes the presence of mildew and black mold on the shower curtain after a shower. Although many people may change their shower and replace with a fresh and new one, there are still some easy preventive ways to take a regular basis to prevent or at least reduce the growth of mild. Below is a way on how to wash shower liners, fabric shower curtains, polyester shower curtains or bathroom curtains. With the following information, you can clean them all.

How to clean vinyl shower curtain and liner

Black spot on shower curtain can be cleaned by two methods which are:

1. Handwashing

Do not think it is an arduous task, you can get the mold off with your hands without getting hurt or destroying it. This method is the most used method of how to clean a plastic shower curtain. You can wash your plastic shower curtain by using baking soda and a microfiber cloth. Dampen the bathroom curtain and pour some baking soda on it. After that, use the cleaning solution to scrub the whole curtain and rinse with warm water gently. Make sure you revisit any residue of soap scum with the cloth and the detergent. If you are sure there is no more dirt on it, rinse very thoroughly and dry outside for fresh air. This process will clean your shower curtain and also leave a sweet smell in your bathroom. Handwashing is the best solution on how to clean a plastic shower curtain.

2. The use of washing machine

Pour your shower curtain into the washing machine, pour warm water and add either baking soda, gentle laundry detergent or vinegar. Set the timer to a reasonable time, rinse, and you can have your clean shower curtain back to its position. Note: you are to use of the listed detergent, do not combine the three to avoid unexplainable science discovery from happening in your washing machine.
Also, the curtain can be washed more often. You come across it every day meaning you know when it gets dirty. Typically, you should clean the bathroom curtains once a month. At the very least, you can get it cleaned once every three months. Thinking of that, washing the curtain 12 times in one year is not that often, and besides, the process of washing shouldn’t take long at all since you already know how to wash it.


Since we’ve known how to remove mildew from shower, curtain, the next thing to understand is how to prevent it from growing;

  1. Make use of a shower curtain or liner that comes with a smooth and consistent surface- if the curtain comes with rough, raised or etched patterns, there is high rate water droplet will stay on some part of it whereas a smooth, shower curtain will not allow that. As soon as water drop on it, the water will glide down into the drain. So when there is no water residue, the risk of it getting moldy is reduced.
  2. Ventilate your washroom before and after a shower- even when the curtain comes with a smooth surface, there can still be some droplet on it, but by ventilating your bathroom, it dries off quickly and prevents mold from growing. This can be achieved this by opening the windows in the toilet or turn on the ventilator fan to help remove the moisture. Another thing to take note to hear is to make sure the shower curtain is widely open for air circulation. Once you are done in the bathroom, leave the curtain partly open to allow all the trapped moisture on the curtain to evaporate and dry faster. You can also shake out the liner to release trapped moisture
  3. Hang the shower curtain on the other side of the bathtub- doing this will prevent mildew from growing on the place that clings to the tub. The shower curtain should be moved to the outside of the bath, and that is why it has completely dried or partially dry. The reason for this is to prevent water from dripping on your bathroom floor.
  4. Dry your shower curtain after each use- drying it after each use will prevent soap scum and mold off the shower curtain. Clean the wet area with a dry towel to remove water from it.
  5. Create a mold barrier- by creating a mold barrier; it means to look for means on how to prevent mold off the shower curtains. You can achieve that by washing the curtain with a good detergent.

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