How to clean shower curtain mold

Black mold on shower curtain can be very irritating, and cleaning a shower curtain off dirt can be an arduous task especially when you don’t have the idea of how to clean your bathroom curtains. Are you scared you might destroy the beautiful look when you try to clean a shower curtain? The thing is, cleaning a shower curtain depends on how you wash it. Black spots on shower curtain can be removed with both hands and with the help of washing machine. Check out some tips to successfully washing off black spots on the shower curtain. This article will explain how to clean shower curtain liner, read along.

The residue of moisture mainly causes the presence of mildew and black mold on the shower curtain after a shower. Although many people may change their shower and replace with a fresh and new one, there are still some easy preventive ways to take a regular basis to prevent or at least reduce the growth of mild. Below is a way on how to wash shower liners, fabric shower curtains, polyester shower curtains or bathroom curtains. With the following information, you can clean them all.

How to clean vinyl shower curtain and liner

Black spot on shower curtain can be cleaned by two methods which are:

1. Handwashing

Do not think it is an arduous task, you can get the mold off with your hands without getting hurt or destroying it. This method is the most used method of how to clean a plastic shower curtain. You can wash your plastic shower curtain by using baking soda and a microfiber cloth. Dampen the bathroom curtain and pour some baking soda on it. After that, use the cleaning solution to scrub the whole curtain and rinse with