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How To Decorate A Box? Work Out Your Imagination!

How to decorate a box is a delicate matter. If you wish to make something stylish out of simple stuff found in your closet, mind the design and color coordination you choose for the box not to appear tasteless and too pompous. So, for transforming your old wooden or cardstock box into a magnificent stylish one, you are to have the following items at hand:

  • Some fabric (type and color at your choice)
  • Buttons/Ribbons
  • Colorful paper
  • Glitters/sequins (other shining things may go)
  • Spray glue
  • Pencil, ruler

To get an idea of how to decorate your old box try searching for inspiration on the web. If you like fabric wrapped boxes, then search in your attic or closet for a lovely piece of clothing that can make a pretty box. Be sure your old beloved T-shirt will be great for the job! So will your old curtains. Yet, the latter must be wrapped in several layers to entirely cover the box’s initial color or typing. Anyway, this of course in cases when your curtain fabric is transparent. If not, a mere layer of it will be enough to make your box wholly covered.

So, after you have glue-wrapped your old box, let us pass on main decoration work. How to decorate a box mostly depends on your imagination, yet borrowing some ideas from the internet is not a sin! You can create a paper rose and fix it on the right angle of the box cover as the main decor accent, white little leaves can surround the rose for an extra beautiful appeal. Using some glitters or sequins you can add chic and sparkle to your creative decor box which you can use as a jewellery box or a box to store your thingamajigs!

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