How To Lay A Laminate Floor? No Problem Any Longer!

How to lay a laminate floor is not a difficult task for DIYer! Laminate flooring is greatly advantageous as compared with any other floor type including tiles, hardwoods and stone floors. laminate flooring is not only very durable and easy maintained, but also is very easy to install. No special tools or materials are required for the process. All that one needs to have perfect laminate floors in his house is the laminate itself, an ordinary hand saw or a circular saw for cutting the planks, several ordinary tools at hand and some effort. In as short as a day an entire room floor can be covered with laminate even by a not experienced DIYer.

Tongue-And-Groove System For Laminate Floor Installation

The easy installation of laminate floors is fulfilled due to the tongue-and-groove system that helps to snag together the laminate planks. This system makes it possible to install the laminate without the need of any glue. The floor is held on it place on the underlayment with the help of the quarter-round moulding that is installed on the edges of the laminate planks. As laminate floor can be installed over any surface let it be concrete or wood subfloor, you will need a level tool to keep the level of the floor even. So the question “how can I lay a laminate floor” is no longer primary! The primary question is “when shall I start”!

Obligatory Underlayment

However, what else you should pay attention to before considering to lay a laminate floor is no how matter any longer, is its underlayment. The later is greatly significant to help the laminate planks stay in place after being fastened to each other. Anyway, the vast majority of laminate floors come with an underlayment already attached, yet there are some that do not have. In such cases you will have to roll out a layer of underlayment separately each time you go with a laminate plank.

Necessary Tools

How to lay a laminate floor is already a vivid process after you have read this small article. We have already stated that installing a laminate floor requires no special tools, yet there are some ordinary ones you always have at hand in your house. For the installation make sure you have:

  • tape measure
  • clamps
  • hammer
  • utility knife
  • carpenter’s square
  • nail punch

All the above mentioned tools will help you in your job to lay a perfect laminate floor in your whole house!

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