How To Lay Laminate Floor: Basic Steps

How to lay laminate floor is the deal perhaps every non-DIYer faces each time he decides to refresh his house floors. Actually, this is a quick and quite an easy way to upgrade a house interior. It requires neither too much time nor efforts to lay laminate floors. So, if you too don’t know how to start the project, let us give the brief description. Certainly, you should clean the floor so that it is clean from any kind of debris or dirt prior to starting laying the laminate floor. Otherwise, it can lift the floor and make it unlevel.

The next step in laying laminate floors is laying the underlay. The latter is necessary for absorbing sound and providing extra cushioning. Afterward, you need to run a string line. This is important to lay the floor evenly. To make the floor covering of the adjoining room and the laminate floor meet under the middle of the door, you are to mail a piece of wood across the entire doorway and make sure you create a straight border. Only after you have done all these preparatory steps, we can start learning the way of laying a laminate floor.

The first board is to be laid down with a 10mm- gap between the wall and the board. This must be continued up to the last board till the first row is in its place. After this, the string line is to be removed. Only after this, start the following rows. Bare in mind that you will have to cut some boards to make the floor beautifully laid. For more detailed information on how to lay laminate floor, visit specialized websites.

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