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How To Make A Jewelry Box? Discover The Easiest And Prettiest Way To Create Your Own Jewel Box

How to make a jewelry box is a necessary theme to know and practice as any woman once finds she has no proper place to store her jewellery in. Of course there are splendid ready made jewellery boxes offered by various stores yet having one made with your own hands will give you a feeling of satisfaction and pride for yourself every time you see and touch it. So, among the prettiest DIY jewellery boxes we have a couple to present the tutorials of.

Jewellery Box Out Of Chocolate Box

Perhaps everyone has noticed how firm and sturdy chocolate boxes are. Moreover, sometimes you won’t even feel like throwing them away after emptied. And if you do, just do not throw it. You can turn it into a wonderful jewellery box instead. And if you wish to learn how to make this box for jewelry storing just follow a few simplest steps. For the project you will need some beautiful paper to your choice and glue. Just wrap the chocolate box with a white paper for the original texts and color not to show through and then start wrapping with the design paper you have chosen. And here you go, you have a wonderful box with already ready little storage rounds to place your rings, earring and other jewellery pieces.

DIY Book Jewel Box

Another amazing vintage looking jewellery box can be made out of a simple old book. And if you wonder how to make a jewelry box of this kind, be sure it will be quite easy and funny! First draw a rectangle on the open box leaving about an inch on every border. Cut the rectangle with a exacto knife and find out what an amazing vintage appeal the box acquires with its not lining up pages. Anyway, Mod Podge the leaves leaving the cover to book up. Decorate the latter with a wonderful little bunch of artificial flowers for a magnificent appeal and enjoy storing your jewellery in this creative jewel box.

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