How to organize your drawers for closet

Store your home stuff you can’t find place for in spacious drawers for closet. It’s very practical and convenient. Place in the upper drawer of a closet organizer with drawers small things you use often – combs, hair accessories, clean handkerchiefs, pens and small notes. You can keep there a reader, iPad, earphones.

Usually this necessary small stuff “helps” to create a mess in your house. Hide everything in the drawers for closet organizer: your room will look neat, clean and tidy. The other way to organize your things in your bedroom or live room is to get a closet island with drawers. Pottery Barn Sutton Closet “works” nice. Thanks to its construction, each side has spacious drawers for keeping your things in. IKEA drawers for closet may be ordered from the site of the company or at Amazon marketplace.

Buy Komplement black, white or beige drawers. For a modern style of your closet choose a Komplement IKEA drawer with front glass. This model will remind you each time what you keep in your closet. Order at IKEA PAX wardrobes with drawers for your clothes, small things and accessories. Keeping your things in these drawers, you may place inside each one an aromatic sachet with lemongrass, rosemary or lavender filling or use a couple of essential oil drops in each corner of a drawer. All things will smell with your favourite scent.

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