How to place closet islands in your house

Closet islands are mainly designed for large walk-in closets. The space where you place your closet island with drawers should be roomy enough to approach to each side of the closet island dresser and pull out the drawer or open its doors.

Therefore, planning your closet island at home, first of all think it over where the unit will be placed. Leave three feet of the free space on each side of your island closet. The best luxury closet islands with drawers for sale are made from wood – cedar, cherry or elm, but those models which may be folded are also available. The cheaper models are designed for the houses and apartments where there is not enough furniture yet or the rooms which you rent for some time. In this case you may buy at the local store a pretty spacious closet island to keep there the clothes you often use. There are closet islands with the drawers on one side, two, three or even all sides of the unit. They are on sale at Home Depot, Walmart and Target.

Choose any model of the offered on the market closet islands choosing the size available to your home. In all variants you may use the unit top for storing some extra stuff or leave it empty to place a vase with flowers there.

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