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Ideal solution for jewelry addicts: Stackers jewelry box

Stackers jewelry box were designed for women who can’t live without their little charms and keep jewelry collection growing. Each of them comes one day to a conclusion that expanding number of jewelry outgrows original boxes. Needless to point, Stackers jewelry boxes stay in one place instead of being all around your room.

Smart Stackers jewelry box storage system often comes as a “build your own”. It means that you can purchase a base and a few boxes to build as many layers as you need to start. You can stack them together to create a jewelry box of your own design. When you collection doesn’t fit in between these layers anymore, simply buy and assemble more of boxes.

Available boxes are usually in three standard sizes: mini, medium and large. Almost any Stackers jewelry box review is likely to recommend choosing a medium size because these boxes are universal and can fit both rings, bracelets and small necklaces. If you are really keen on necklaces and would like to keep your jewelry tangle free, it might be a good decision to buy a couple of large size layers specially for them as well.

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