IKEA Closet Doors Upgrade Your Bedroom Style

Choosing IKEA closet doors you choose quality and affordability together. Available in quite many styles and colors, these doors will bring a unique look not only to your closet but also to the whole interior of the room. You can find as simple so intricate designs. For instance the ILSENG series of four-panel sliding doors available in black, black/brown and cream colors has a simple yet attractive look, whilst the HURDAL solid pine sliding doors bring a luxury appeal to the interior of the room.

Another bestselling closet door model IKEA offers is the FARVIK model priced $129.50. These doors allow for much more room for your bedroom furniture as they require no space for opening. The dimensions of this door type (29 1/2″ x 92 7/8″) make it clear the door covers a large closet opening. The entire door is made of tempered glass, hence must be taken good care of. Be careful not to damage it especially from the side as this is the most vulnerable spot of the door. Anyway, if cracked suddenly, the door cracks into small pieces which are never sharp.

Quite a wonderful model of IKEA closet doors is the AULI/ILSENG. This is a unique combination of mirror glass and white stained oak veneer. The sliding doors are available in two sizes 59×92 7/8″ and 78 3/4 x 92 7/8″. The frame of the model is made of quality aluminum and stands for the great durability and longevity of the door. Paying $399 for this model your closet and whole bedroom will acquire a totally new gorgeous look!

Gallery of IKEA Closet Doors Upgrade Your Bedroom Style

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