Jewelry Box For European Beads. Picture: Oliver Holzbauer Source:Flickr

Jewelry Boxes for Necklaces Provide Safe Storage for your Jewels!

Jewelry boxes for necklaces are wonderful and innovative jewelry storage solutions! When it comes to providing the perfect home for your precious necklaces, famous brends start acting and creating. Perhaps one of the most prominent names in the industry Bombay represents exclusive mahogany necklace jewelry box, which comes with 16 hooks to hold each necklace separately.

Buying a jewelry box for necklaces means treating individually with each piece of your jewelry. Richmond, Taylor, Kimberly, Heritage Chelsea are popular companies producing quality and stylish jewelry boxes, while Reid is famous for manufacturing not only small boxes, but special jewelry boxes for necklaces and earrings. These perfect models have been carefully hand made in fine solid woods to complement earrings and necklaces.

Knobs and handles as well as several necklace drawers provide secure storage of your jewels, where they will not be disjointed, broken or spalled. Long necklaces need special treatment and storage, so this brend also offers a jewelry box for long necklaces.

Company Ashley also produces exclusive jewelry boxes with divided drawers for larger possessions made from different materials including wood, metal, glass, fabrics and quality leather. So long necklaces will find a safe place to wait until appearing on their mistresses neck!

Gallery of Jewelry Boxes for Necklaces Provide Safe Storage for your Jewels!

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