Jewelry boxes for sale – so different, so useful

The jewelry boxes for sale can be divided into two types – good quality boxes made from wood or leather and cheap kraft or cardboard boxes.

The custom jewelry boxes wholesale deals with awesome beautiful (often individually ordered and hand-made) units. The cardboard jewelry boxes wholesale offers kraft and paper cheap boxes to sell jewelry. The cheap jewelry boxes wholesale deals only with the “bulk” amounts of the units.

The cardboard boxes are sold by 100 units at a time only. They are rarely sold in retail. The cheap materials which are used to make these boxes explain their low price. 100 boxes cost from $25 to $55 only. Anyway the small cute boxes are very sturdy and soft inside. They are designed to protect the jewelry from being scratched and damaged.

The custom boxes for jewelry are rather expensive. The good box can’t be cheaper than $40. The average price for such a unit is $100-$150. But once you get it you will use it for dozens of years.

The jewelry stores owners usually order cheap jewelry boxes for sale to sell their ready-made jewelry units, fashion jewelry, bracelets and watches. The cotton filled jewelry boxes wholesale will interest first of all the owners of marriage salons, goldsmiths and large trade centres which have jewelry stores. Each kind of a jewelry box will find its owner.

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