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Jewelry shadow box for organizing of accessories

Jewelry shadow box is the best suited for storing jewelries. These boxes are arranged and disclosed conveniently. Girls begin to use imitation jewelry at an early age, so by the age of twenty they have a lot of it. There is a need to disassemble this glittering pile and spread it on the degree of usefulness for hostess at the moment. Jewelry shadow box ideas will help in this case.

But if you do not want to spend much on the special device it is possible to dispense materials at hand. So you can do jewelry shadow box display from the simple plank, which you can decorate as you like. Plastic container for ice cubes accommodates perfectly a certain amount of jewelries too. By the way it can be painted with acrylic paint and varnish. Get the scoop on “Granny’s Chest”. Here you can find great vintage jewelry shadow box which cannot be compared with any “modern replica”.

Sometimes we are presented with tea, cookies or candies in beautiful tins, which we not dare to throw out. Such a box and can serve perfectly as a jewelry storage shadow box. These boxes will look great on the dressing table. Jewelry shadow box for pendants can be made of particularly “branchy” figurines with protruding parts.

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