Jewelry Storage Ideas – Keep Valuables Safe and Organized

Needless to say, jewelry should never be kept lying carelessly on a dresser or your bedside table – you never know where your favorite diamond earring or your solid gold ring might disappear to! To ensure that you know exactly where your jewelry is while searching for them, you need to come up with some useful jewelry storage ideas.

Keep Them Tarnish-Free

Jewelry is a prized possession not just in terms of money but also in terms of value. It is in a sense an investment of a lifetime. Always store them in an anti-blemish container with a soft felt or velvet lining so that they don’t get scratched or chipped.

Proper Accessibility & Organization

Jewelry storage ideas have to be thought in such a manner so your jewelry is accessible whenever you want and kept organized. Safety and security of your valuables is also extremely important. You can buy standard jewelry boxes to store your valuables, but it is best to opt for custom-made ones with specialized compartments and dividers to house earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings individually. Separation of different types of jewelry will ensure they don’t get tangled or acquire scratches. Don’t forget to check if these boxes come with adequate latches or locking systems to keep the items inside safe from being lost or prying eyes.

Apart from the jewelry storage ideas mentioned above, you can try drawstring bags as another alternative for storing jewelry although that option isn’t too practical or secure.

Gallery of Jewelry Storage Ideas – Keep Valuables Safe and Organized

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