John Lewis eyelet curtains – soft lining to make the room perfect

John Lewis eyelet curtains are an indispensable part of modern interior design. If you wish to introduce some contemporary touch to the décor of the room, brand curtains offered by John Lewis are the best choice in this situation. Their main feature is a perfect soft lining, which not only improves drapes, but also enhances the vibrancy of curtains.

Another distinctive feature of eyelet curtains by John Lewis is the presence of the eyelets on the top. They are fitted rather quickly and easily. The owner of these curtains may choose the color of the eyelets. Some designers prefer to choose them of the same color as curtains, while the others try to add some chic and prefer golden or silver eyelets. It is also interesting, when the eyelets of the curtain match the curtain pole.
John Lewis eyelet curtains are sold in the variety of materials and textures. The most widely used are the curtains made of polyester, silk, and cotton. Nowadays contemporary designers prefer such John Lewis curtains, which:

  • are made of natural materials,
  • have natural color shades,
  • have fresh and pretty floral prints,
  • have contemporary patterns and textures,
  • are extraordinarily woven.

Usually they are made of heavyweight plain fabrics for them to keep their form and lining. The John Lewis brand suggests a diversity of fetching colors to make the curtains the main focal point of the room. Their rich textures and sophisticated weaves will not leave anyone disappointed or indifferent, and will definitely add a unique appearance to any interior.

Gallery of John Lewis eyelet curtains – soft lining to make the room perfect

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