John Lewis Pencil Pleat Curtains For Any Room In Your House

John Lewis pencil pleat curtains catch eye with unique beauty each of them has. Coming in a wide array of color, fabric and pattern options, these curtains look simply gorgeous. Here you can find a wonderful curtain model for every room in your house starting with your kitchen and ending with your kid’s room. Any model you choose promises to create a unique ambiance of chic and style. So, let us go over a couple of models for your entire house.

The first pencil pleat curtain by John Lewis is intended for your living space. This is the John Lewis Chenille Damask Lines Pencil Pleat Curtain. This is an elegant damask curtain with light colored decorations that promises to bring a luxury look to the living space. Right opposite to the elegance of this model is the Little Home at John Lewis Birds & Buttons Curtains that ensure a marvelous high mood in your kitchen! Paying from £60-£85 you will transform your kitchen space into the most splendid space!

When it is time to transform your bedroom you can do the job with the help of Faux Silk Coated Thermal Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtain sold at £25-£95. Coming in four wonderful colors (Cream, Aubergine, Mocha and Claret), this curtain model ensures not only the right amount of light in your bedroom but also an amazing exquisite style. Within John Lewis pencil pleat curtains you will also find fantastic models for your kid’s bedroom. For instance the Little Home at John Lewis Glow in the Dark Star Blackout Lined Pencil Pleat Curtain that will turn your baby’s room into a lovely starlight space!

Gallery of John Lewis Pencil Pleat Curtains For Any Room In Your House

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