10 Genius Storage Ideas For Your Kids closet organizer in the children’s bedroom

It’s the battle cry of millions of parents. Clean your room! Will it ring out in your house today?

Seasonal events like birthdays, the holidays or a new school year bring fresh motivation to the drive to get kids organized and nowhere is the battleground more intense than in the children’s bedrooms.

This is 10 Genius Storage Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

1. Color Coordinate

Use children’s books as decor by color-coordinating them and placing them in forward-facing bookshelves.

Built using pineboard and houses the families collection of children’s books this bookcase will be perfect for your corner.

2. Repurpose The Bookshelves

Create a smart seating and storage in your kids playroom.

Turned two Bookcases on their sides added a foam cushion and an eye catching fabric.

Green baskets placed inside each shelf help sort and hold toys.

Here’s how to do it:

Prepare 2 Expedit bookcase from IKEA. This would cost you around $100. Get 2 pieces of Medium-density fibreboard. You could ask the store to cut them down to match your bookcase width. Go to your favorite craft store and get 2” foam.

After you measured, cut and ironing the fabric, laid it out on the floor face down.

Then, placed down the foam and the MDF board on top used the pattern as a guide to keep the fabric straight as we pulled and stapled all the way around the board.

Place the upholstered cushions back on to the Expedits and breath a giant sigh of relief when all fits and looks amazing!

3. Write It out

Help your child get dressed in the morning by labeling drawers or baskets like in this closet found on Project Nursery.

Since everything has its own specific spot you’ll never run late because you couldn’t find the striped socks your daughter needed to wear.

4. Look Under The Bed

Everyone knows under the bed is a great storage spot but often the space becomes a disorganized mess full of storage bins and dust bunnies.

Designer and blogger Jenna Burger made her own underbed storage carts with wheels to solve this dilemma.

Now, items are organized and easily accessible.

Here’s the instruction:

First prepare this material. Before buying the supplies, you need to determined that the size of rolling wood carts.

This is a sample sketch you could use before heading to the store.

Using the 1.5″ long wood nails, attached the 24″ piece to the 22.5″ long piece.

First added a dab of wood glue, then followed it with 3 nails. Continued attaching the other wood pieces so the box was created.

Once the 4 sides were put together attached the 24″ x 24″ plywood using 3/4″ long wood nails.

About 4 nails per side should be enough to make it sturdy. The 4 wheels were next… Using 3/4″ screws, attached a wheel to each corner.

In the center of one side, towards the top, drilled a hole slightly larger than 1/2″. Cut a piece of rope about 12″ long and threaded it through the hole and tied it on both sides.

Once the rope was in, gave the overall wood surface a quick dry-brush paint application. To jazz the cart up one more step, add a chalkboard front using chalkboard paint.

Right after the last coat was brushed on, take off the painters tape while the paint was still wet. And the rolling wood carts are complete!

The beauty of this wood cart is that it doesn’t have to be only for under the bed. Change the size – make it taller or less wide – and use them in the living room for toys, blankets, or DVDs

5. Display Dress-up Clothes

Instead of stowing away dress-up costumes in plastic storage bins or trunks, put them on display. Create a DIY garment rack for your daughter to make playtime a little more special.

Here’s how to do it: buy an 8 foot and 3 foot length of copper wire, 2 copper floor flanges and 2 elbow connector.

You could find all of this material at Home Depot use the 4ft lengths on the sides and the 3ft on the top. Connect them all with a little plumber’s glue and tape to make the joints extra tight. Screw in the four casters and the two floor flanges, then used glue to help hold the dress up rack in place after it was screwed into the flanges.

It’s sturdy enough, but don’t let your kids hang on the bar. It’s really just strong enough to hold a dozen or so kid-sized dress ups.

6. Add a Pegboard

Pegboards aren’t just for hardware or craft storage. Hang one up in your child’s room and use caddies to store diapers, toiletries, or socks and other accessories.

7. Rethink The Closet

Every kid loves little hiding spots to play in Ashley of Bigger Than the Three of Us transformed her son’s lackluster closet into a space that’s part reading nook, part storage space.

Learn more on how to DIY the closet loft at Bigger Than the Three of Us.

8. Create Your Own Play Table

If you’re replacing your old coffee table with a newer one, don’t throw the old table away. Transform it into a play table for your kids. Kate of Centsational Girl took a budget-friendly IKEA coffee table and turned it into an organized spot for her son’s Legos

This is how you do it:

Find a coffee table or Use Lack Coffee Table from IKEA which also come with shelf. Arrange the road plate from LEGO onto the table and put adhesive on it’s four corner. Simple and easy!

9. Try Double Duty Seating

Multipurpose pieces are key to any functional, hyper organized space. So when it comes to choosing furniture, like seating, look for ones that have some extra storage. Also you could easily DIY this.

To make 1 cube you will need the following material:

Use wood glue to attach all of the pieces together. Attached a 12″ piece to a 10.5″ piece. You can also countersink screws from the sides, or use finishing nails and wood glue. Next, attached the other 10.5″ piece, The other 12″ piece becomes the top of the stool

To keep the goodies you want to store from falling out, added the 1×2’s next. use finishing nails and Wood Glue to attach the 1×2’s on each side.

Drill and attach 4 caster under the cubes. Paint them and you’re set. How easy is that?

10. Attach crates to the wall

Recycle old wooden crates or boxes and hang them on your child’s bedroom walls to hold toys, books and other accessories. You can give them new life by painting or wallpapering them.

Organizing the kids rooms can be such a time-consuming task especially when your kids have more toys than you have storage space.

Hope that all tips in this article could be useful.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next articles.

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