Krono Laminate Flooring: Realistic Replication Of Real Hardwood

Krono laminate flooring creates an appearance with a guaranteed sense of high style. Stepping into Krono’s world, you will face amazing models coming in diverse designs, colors and looks including as stone so genuine looking hardwood appeals. Krono Company is distinguished as a world leading brand name producing exclusively valuable laminate flooring that is sure to satisfy the most scrupulous home interiors. However, with interior fashion developing day by day, Krono keeps on manufacturing new models, which are meant to affect with fashionable designs, premium quality and surely with an invincible value.

Krono Laminate: Stylish Appeal And Not Only

Laminate flooring by Krono is available in a comprehensive line ranging from premier value of wood laminate floors to exceptional unique designs. All these styles and designs have one single purpose – to create a graceful home environment. However, laminate floor does not only have to be in accordance with interior fashion trend or the interior created around. It also has to fit the owner’s lifestyle. A good laminate flooring has to meet several criteria. These are softness when walking, great durability to stand for years, stylish look to capture attention, anti-slip system to feel safe on, water resistance to stand humid areas, etc.

Positive Features

However, what you can expect to get from laminate floors Krono offers, is a wonderful durability providing from fifteen to twenty years’ life and premium foundation insurance due to the integrated Aqua Stop System. The latter means the laminate fooring by krono brand name is made of HDF. Nevertheless, these products are also resistant toward collision, shock and pressing train. Meanwhile the special sturdy surface cover provides high protection against abrasion and scratches.

Anyway, when obtaining Krono laminate flooring, one can be thoroughly sure in the naturalness and the exceptional value of the materials serving for creating the floors. Krono laminates consist of approximately ninety percentage of wood that makes them sturdy and long lasting. The versatile effect of Krono laminate floors is perfectly underlined due to the intent alertness payed to every detail of the product in the process of manufacturing. Particularly the quality materials used and cautious craftsmanship makes Krono floors a realistic and sensible reproduction of real hardwood.

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