Laminate Flooring Accessories For Successful Laminate Floor Installation

If you are going to cover your home floors with laminate planks, you will need to purchase all the necessary laminate flooring accessories. These include external and internal corner pieces, as well as end caps, profiles, underlays, and connectors. Depending on the laminate model you have chosen for your floors, you can opt for light and dark brown, silver, white, and stainless steel accessories. The flooring underlay is used for applying the laminate boards to the subfloor. Depending on your peculiar demands, you may choose either damp proof or sound proof underlays.

Once the underlay is successfully laid on the floor, it is high time to get the fitting profiles necessary for hiding the ugly pipe holes or edges. Choose the product you need among such accessories for laminate flooring as are the followings:

  • radiator pipe covers
  • facings
  • stair nose moldings
  • skirtings
  • scotias
  • door bars

Don’t forget to obtain a high-quality adhesive. They play a major role in laminate floor installation. The Quick-Step hydro kit or sealant kit will do the job on the highest level.

Among the most popular and reliable companies offering premium quality laminate flooring accessories we can count Duralay, Dural, Unika, Kahrs, Karndean, Quick-Step, and Envoy. At the Flooring Supplies store, you can find anything necessary to ensure your new floors go down with style. At the store, you can also purchase tools (tenon saws, installation kits) and aftercare products (Quickstep cleaner, laminate flooring cleaner, cleaning kits and doormats).

Gallery of Laminate Flooring Accessories For Successful Laminate Floor Installation

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