Laminate Flooring Tile Effect For Luxurious Stone Appeal On Budget

Laminate flooring tile effect of which is primary, looks grandiose and amazing! Such laminate models look exquisite and elegant transferring the whole picturesque appearance of marble or granite floors. And if you have made up your mind to make your home floors look like precious stone yet spend little, consider purchasing laminate floors with tile look. However, various shades of colors are available to suit into any home environment. Yet commercial areas use these laminate floors, too to reach luxurious and enchanting appeal attracting more and more customers.

Discount Flooring Depot Offers Amazing Laminate Floors With Tile Look

Nowadays, there are plenty online specialized stores offering the most splendid models. For instance the Discount Flooring Depot is a UK based store that operates on the UK territory and offers amazing models of various floor types including laminate floors with tile effect, too. The Elite Stone Sketch Flat Laminate flooring is a high quality model that perfectly transfers the beauty of dark stone. The authentic look of natural stone these laminate floors feature adds a touch of class and luxury to any environment the laminate is installed in.

Quality And Great Look Of Elite Stone Sketch Laminate

These laminate planks come in 8 mm thickness, 282 mm width and 605 mm length. With a click locking system these laminate floors are very easy and quick to install. Each pack of these laminates contains twelve planks which are enough to cover an area of 2.050m2. However, what also attracts in this laminate flooring besides tile effect is the great durability and UV resistance. The latter protects the floors against fading, while the anti scratch and high impact properties provide long-lasting service and premium look. These laminate floors that have amazing tile effect will always remain as fascinating addition to any home for many years to come!

Light Models Of Tile Effect Laminates

Anyway, there are also many other amazing color shades of laminate flooring tile effect offered by the Discount Flooring Depot. For lighter floors consider one of the following models:

  • Elite Stone Atlantic
  • Elite Stone White Marble
  • Elite Stone Imperial
  • Hydro Guard Roman White

The realistic slate and stone effects of all the above mentioned models and all other unmentioned ones reach a really gorgeous and luxurious appearance yet at significantly less price.

Gallery of Laminate Flooring Tile Effect For Luxurious Stone Appeal On Budget

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