Latex vs Memory Foam Mattress Types: Features To Consider

Latex memory foam mattress
Latex memory foam mattress types along with innerspring, gel, waterbed and air mattresses are among the most popular mattress types in the industry. Latex mattresses intend to provide maximum comfortability and support for reaching the highest level of sleeping experience. Being made of either synthetic or natural rubber, a mattress with latex or memory foam construction provides a bouncy support uniform throughout the whole bed. This very firm surface of the mattress makes the sleeper’s body get rid of the tension gathered during the day. However, a latex mattress can never be described as a soft one. Accordingly, if you think that softness of the bed is primary to you, you should just go by latex mattresses and consider some other mattress type.

Consider Pros And Cons Of The Mattress Type Before Purchasing

Latex Vs Memory Foam Mattress

When considering latex vs memory foam mattress types, what cathes eye at first sight, is the large amount of similarities between these two mattress types. However, there are also significant differences that are worth to pay attention to. Perhaps the first difference lays in the feelings. Unlike a memory foam mattress that creates cloudy-like sensations due to the sponge-like feel, a latex mattress has a springy feel that can sometimes be described as rude or too firm. Moreover, latex mattresses has zero temperature sensitive feature, while there are temperature regulating memory foam mattress models.

Pressure Relief, Durability, Affordability: Important Features Of Mattresses

Latex Mattress Vs Memory Foam Mattress

Another important fact to consider when comparing a latex mattress vs memory foam mattress, is the pressure and back pain relief. Both mattress types are quite successful in this task, yet memory foam mattress edges out latex. According to some observations based on customers’ feedbacks, a memory foam mattress provides good or excellent pressure relief, while a latex mattress counts to provide more than average level of pressure relief. The same statistics refers to pain relief.


Anyway, before finally determining to obtain either a latex or memory foam mattress, take into account the durability and affordability as well. As a rule a high quality memory foam mattress can cost up to several thousands of dollars, while an equally quality latex mattress can have a less expensive pricing. Yet, this depends mainly on models. What referes the durability level, the lifespan of a latex mattress is considered to range from five to twelve years providing great durability, while a memory foam mattress has a life stretching from four to twelve years.

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