Marley Floor Tiles intended For High Traffic Areas

Marley floor tiles are quite popular in today’s market. Customers all over USA and beyond its borders love the unique color palette that Marley offers its customers. Yet, the high quality the company boasts of makes all customers get satisfied with. So, if you find your home environment needs to get a fresh and attractive appeal Marley tiles will possibly be the best variants to reach the goal. Just dig into the wide diversity of delicate and enchanting color options Marley offers, yet not forgetting the interior theme you have already applied to your home.

Cream Marble Heavy Duty Flooring Tiles By Marley

Anyway, even though all the floor tiles by Marley are beautiful and sophisticated, there are truly unique ones that are sure to become the focal points of your home floors. One of these unique models is the Marley Heavy Duty Flooring tiles in Cream Marble color shade. This heavy duty model is suitable for installing on commercial areas. The high quality level of these floor tiles makes it possible to use the product in environments with heavy traffic as the performance of these Marley tiles will surely not suffer.

Black charcoal Sandstone: Unique Deep Darkness

To make a strong emphasis on your home floors, perhaps darker tiles will be ideal. Dark-colored floors as a rule catch one’s attention from the very first glance becoming the focal point in the whole interior. The Marley tiles for flooring Heavy Duty in Black Charcoal Sandstone is perhaps one of the most wonderful models. The unique incorporation of different shades of black and grey makes these tiles appear amazingly interesting on especially large floors. A pack of these tiles includes forty-five tiles, which are enough to cover a 4.05m2 area.

Leading Dance Floors Choose Marley

Marley floor tiles look magnificent in both large and small areas, yet the great durability and sturdiness of these products make them rather of commercial usage. Covering vast areas of high traffic establishments, Marley tiles create a luxurious appeal alluring more and more admired glances. Moreover, leading US ballet, tap, aerobics, jazz and modern dance floors prefer particularly Marley brand. What concerns the pricing of Marley products, they are quite affordable as compared with the high quality of these vinyl floor tiles.

Gallery of Marley Floor Tiles intended For High Traffic Areas

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