Mirrored Coffee Table – Popular Designs of Today


Does your living room need a major overhaul? Purchase a mirrored coffee table – it is one of the best ways to impart a sophisticated flair to your home without being obvious. Ordinary coffee tables are found everywhere, so it is time to try something similar in a different design to transform the appearance of the room it is placed in.

A mirrored coffee table comes in several designs that usually go well with all kinds of home décor:

  •    If you wish to go for a subtle and delicate design that isn’t too showy, you can try the acrylic tables made of Lucite that look extremely elegant and chic. You can keep them solely for decorative purposes as well.
  •    Does your choice lean more towards traditional pieces? If yes, heavy wood designs in oak, cherry, and walnut will be perfect for you. A common design nowadays comprises a solid wood base with the top painted in two different colors with mirrors on each side. If you want a mirror on the top, there are several stores where you can pick up driftwood pieces in that design.
  •    If the table is to be placed outdoors, buy pieces that are made of wrought iron and nickel, since they have to be sturdier than their counterparts.

A mirrored coffee table will definitely stand out due to its uniqueness and beautiful design – buy one right away!

Gallery of Mirrored Coffee Table – Popular Designs of Today

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