Modern Italian Leather Sofa For Customers With Exquisite Taste

A stylish modern Italian leather sofa is what your living room lacks for acquiring an inviting and fashionable look. Available in great many materials, modern sofas are especially attractive with leather upholstery. Not only these furniture pieces are very beautiful, but also very durable. Moreover, as time passes Italian leather sofas becomes even more comfortable and pleasant to rest on.

The Prime Classic Design is a company the products of which do not simply furnish houses, but rather define them. Made of 100% original premium quality Italian leather, the sofas come in different shapes including u-shaped genuine leather sectionals, corner sectionals in top grain leather and others all designed with perfect tailoring and comfort. Among the most amazing Italian leather sofas in modern style is the Advanced Adjustable Red Leather Sectional Sofa that comes with a chaise. Priced $3,070, this fantastic sofa is made of the premier quality leather brought from Italy. Besides the charming red coloring the sofa comes in the following colors as well:

  • Chocolate Brown
  • Pumpkin
  • Gray
  • Black

Another gorgeous modern Italian leather sofa presented in the Prime Classic Design is the Graceful Modern Leather Corner Sectional Sofa priced $4,500. The model is handmade right in Italy and features premier quality white leather upholstery that brings a luxury look to this piece. The legs of the sectional sofa are finished with polished chrome. The latter only accentuates the beauty of white leather.

Gallery of Modern Italian Leather Sofa For Customers With Exquisite Taste

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