Noguchi Coffee Table – Beautiful and Exclusive!

A coffee table is no longer an afterthought when you realize the need for something to keep cups and saucers on. It is a significant part of home décor as it imparts a specific look to the theme of the room or the area it is kept in. A current trend in the furniture market shows that homeowners are opting to purchase a Noguchi coffee table due to its distinctive design.

Why is it in demand?

A Noguchi coffee table gets its name from designer Isamu Noguchi. The piece was conceptualized when he made this table in the 1940s. The design gained immense popularity over the decades due to its uniqueness – two abstract legs with an irregularly polished triangular shaped glass piece on top. The price range depends upon the style and quality, starting from two hundred dollars and going up to a thousand! You can take your pick from a variety of finishes such as black base, cherry, walnut, maple, and white ash.

Why purchase it?

The USP of the table is its one-of-a-kind structure that sits low to the ground, which is why it looks great if you place it in rooms that have smaller pieces of furniture. You can choose to place it outdoors as well among bean bags or low-rise chairs so as to accentuate its design. The glass top imparts a touch of elegance and subtlety.

A Noguchi coffee table can easily be purchased online – in fact, shopping from e-stores helps you to compare prices and styles faster and more conveniently while coming to a decision.

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