Non Slip Bathroom Flooring For Extra Safety Of Your Family

Installing non slip bathroom flooring you can be calm for the safety of your family and particularly your kids, as the latter have the habit of running to and fro all over the house! Moreover, nowadays it is widely accepted to apply non-slipping floors in commercial and industrial establishments as well. Wet floors in lavatories can be especially slippery when workers have outdoor shoes on. Additionally, as a rule, non slip flooring is much thicker and more durable than ordinary flooring. Their hardwear feature makes them perfect variants for withstanding high traffic, temperature and impact.

Non-Slip Floor Advantages

Among the numerous advantages of bathroom flooring that is non slipping, obviously the primary one is its safety and durability. Yet, their amazing look (can be laid over existing marble, stone, slate and tile floors) and easy maintenance are also counted to their positive features. These floors are very hygienic, hence are widely used in hospitals, leisure centers and caterers.

Flooring by Karndean

One of the most impressive brands successfully providing non slip bathroom flooring is the Karndean Design Flooring. It offers a stunningly wide range of stone tile effect floor types all of which are warmer underfoot than real stone ones. These floors provide an impressive range of textures and colors as well as a high level of non-slip. Whether you are looking for a contemporary style in your bathroom space or a traditional appeal, you will be pleasantly surprised to find all that you need under one roof – Karndean Design Flooring.

Gallery of Non Slip Bathroom Flooring For Extra Safety Of Your Family

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