Oak Floorboards: Warm Coloring With Great Strength

Oak floorboards, which are rich in texture and colour are perhaps the best means to complement a wealthy home interior. With a warm honey color that becomes darker depending on age, solid oakwood floors perfectly blend into any home interior adding a touch of elegance and wealth to it. This valuable floor type is highly appreciated not only for the amazing appearance that can excellently accentuate your delicate and high taste towards home interior fashion, but also for the premium durability it owns.

Sweet Light Color Of Tasmanian Oakwood

Tasmanian oak floorboards are highly prized for a series of qualities that belong exclusively to Tasmanian oak wood. However, perhaps the most important value that this wood type possesses is the unique color shade it comes with. This wood type has a light color that varies from straw color to reddish brown. Yet, the intermediate shades of pink and cream add a unique appeal to the entire look of these floorboards. Meantime the wonderful finishing and staining qualities only contribute to the wide demand of this type of hardwood floors.

Positive And Negative Features Of Oakwood

Like any product, oak wood has its positive and negative features. For considering the oak flooring pros and cons, let us mention perhaps the only negative feature this wood type has. During time the stain on oak wood floors becomes darker exaggerating the grain. This in its turn leads to a two-toned look. Yet, when counting the numerous pros of oak wood, this little minus seems unnoticeable. Here are the main pros:

  • Highly durable
  • Great strength
  • Amazing color
  • Stability
  • Finishing qualities

High Value Of Oakwood

Oak floorboards are usually cut in a special way to make the floor resistant toward warping. This means that once installed, oak hardwood floors promise to serve for a lifetime. The visible wavy grain of these floorboards creates a distinctive look that is characteristic exclusively to oak wood floors. This marvelous look makes it possible to match these floors with any other finish, timbers and furnishings.

Gallery of Oak Floorboards: Warm Coloring With Great Strength

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