Oriental Coffee Table Brings Breath OF East To Your Home

Oriental coffee table is a unique piece of furniture intended to bring the breath of the East to your living space. As a coffee table usually becomes the focal point in one’s living room, you must have an Asian environment so that an Oriental table looks right. However, trying to add an odd and distinguishable piece of furniture for instance in Asian style to a modern or elegant environment you can also create a unique mood and aura. At least the below described tables are sure to draw all attention on them while only enriching the room around.

Enrich Your Living Environment With Mother Of Pearl Designs

The Mother of Pearl Figurine Coffee table in black lacquer is a good proof of how amazing a coffee table in Oriental style can look! Being hand painted and ornamented with maiden figures of the Mother of Pearl, this eye-catching coffee table costs only $500. The model is made of wood yet its top is made of glass in 1/4. The golden designs above each leg add special charm to this mysterious looking table.

Unique Combination Of Oriental And Contemporary

Another not less impressive looking Oriental coffee table is the Chinese Gold Paint Black Leather Coffee Table in rectangular shape. The style of this table is a unique combination of Oriental and Contemporary styles. Ornamented with Oriental flowers from all sides the table features a black veneer finish that makes the tale look even more luxurious. The $1,295 costing handmade table is made of compressed wood and is covered with an artificial leather. Anyway, the model is sure to bring chic and originality to your living space.

Gallery of Oriental Coffee Table Brings Breath OF East To Your Home

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