Outdoor Coffee Table – A Wise Choice for Your Home


Any patio or seating area outside the house is incomplete without an outdoor coffee table. Before you go ahead and make the purchase, you need to ensure that the furniture is suitable for the weather conditions in your area because different materials react to climate in varied ways.

There are quite a few choices when it comes to an outdoor coffee table such as:




Rattan fibers are not its only feature, the specialty is actually the woven design. Synthetic resin wicker is now used in several pieces of outdoor furniture as it has a high threshold of withstanding sun rays and is better protection against the weather as compared to natural fiber wicker. However, it shouldn’t be kept outside during the cold.




Perhaps the most durable choice when it comes to materials, these tables don’t need too much maintenance. They are rust-proof and standard cleaning with soap and water will suffice. They hold up against weather quite well, but it is advisable to keep them covered during winter.


Teak and eucalyptus are great for using outdoors because of their durability and weather-resistant properties along with their classy appearance. These require a bit of maintenance so oil them at least twice in a year and keep them indoors during bad weather.

There is nothing more relaxing than to sip a cup of hot coffee while watching the sunset or spending time with your loved ones out on the patio – you need an outdoor coffee table right away!

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