Outdoor Wooden Bench Kits: Ready For Assembling

Obtaining outdoor wooden bench kits one becomes able to assemble the bench he has always wanted to have in his garden in only an hour or so. These kits come already ready yet need only to be assembled and painted. Yet, there are also stores offering unfinished outdoor benches which come already assembled. Available in great many sizes and designs, these benches are, as a rule, made of different hardwood types. Obtaining a bench kit, you won’t have to fulfill all the measurements and cutting processes.

The unfinished wooden bench kits for outdoor environments offered by such furniture companies as are the below mentioned ones, will satisfy all your expectations:

  • Rowlison
  • DC America
  • 2×4 Basics
  • Vihaf

You will find bench kits made of cedar, pine, teak, mahogany and eucalyptus. These kits as a rule include all the necessary screws for assembling the bench that will make your garden or backyard as comfortable and stylish as you expected. All that you will need, is assembling the bench with your own tools according to the instructions provided.

Among the different stores, offering amazing outdoor wooden bench kits the Lowes has its honorable place. This store is one of the mega-popular ones of the internet, that offers amazing furniture pieces including bench kits as well. All the quality kits are available with different pillows and cushions for perfect personalization. The frame style, the sides, the back and the seat are left at the customer’s choice. Simply, look within the kits presented at the store and make your choice.

Gallery of Outdoor Wooden Bench Kits: Ready For Assembling

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