Oval Coffee Table – Tips to Choose


A coffee table is an important part of home décor– not only does it serve its purpose in functionality but it also adds a certain charm to the room. You need to keep in mind that the piece should match the furniture and the theme & color of the room. An oval coffee table usually blends in with most settings, which is why it can be a feasible option for your living room, den, or patio.


If you look at the current styles of an oval coffee table, it will come to your notice that most of them have a modern look and feel with a brown or light brown finish. Sometimes, a varnish finishing is used to give it a vintage appeal. Wooden and glass tables are common but recently a combination of these two materials have been introduced such as a piece with a wood and glass top.


Apart from being a place to keep your coffee or tea set, tables now come with two tiers, where the first is used for cups & saucers while the blends such as sugar, cream and milk are placed in the lower tier. Three tier designs are available too where the last tier is used to keep newspapers, books, and magazines. Other features include pieces with lift tops and drawers or wheels attached underneath for better portability.

Before you buy an oval coffee table for your home, ensure that you opt for a size that is appropriate for the room it will be placed in – measure the space for the table and then start looking (not the other way round).

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