Painted Bathroom Vanity Will Fresh Your Bath Interior

To transform your bathroom space on a budget a painted bathroom vanity can make a magic! Obtaining a special paint and devoting a couple of hours to the work and a couple of days to dry it, you will have your old bath vanity transformed into a new-looking one! Make your bathroom more captivating and enjoyable with a few steps. Simply look through some photos on the internet and get a clear image of how your new vanity will look!

This brief article is going to unveil a little secret how to paint your bathroom vanity like a professional. To have a smooth and glossy surface for your vanity you must take care you do everything carefully and accurately. If you would like to paint your vanity with a glossy oil-based paint that yet does not have the nasty smell, you can choose the Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel. The latter provides easy painting process and a fabulous final result! Anyway, for starting painting you don’t have to take off the cabinet doors. You can use the knobs of the doors as handles. In the end you can apply some pain around the knobs, too.

A high quality foam brush is a necessity to have a professionally painted bathroom vanity. Don’t forget to use a liquid deglosser to prepare the surface of the vanity for painting. To have a marvelous result apply two coats. The first may seem too light to be beautiful. Anyway, before applying the second coat wait approximately four hours for the first one to dry. After the second coat is applied wait up to two days with the doors open to have your vanity thoroughly dried.

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