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Palekh Boxes: Discover The Majesty Of Russian Iconography

Russian Palekh boxes adorned with traditional motives are grandiose additions to luxurious home interiors. These were originally papier-mâché boxes that looked so bright and picturesque that instantly attracted one’s attention! Today they are as amazing as before and even more in some ways. They have become more durable and much more known throughout the world! These masterpieces represent different themes as from real life so from imaginary one! These can be fairy tales, folk songs, literary works, mythology, etc.

Fairy Tale By Liliana International

Today there are various reputable stores operating throughout not only Russia or Palekh, the small village Palekh lacquered boxes originated from, but also entire world, that offer these amazing pieces! Be sure these boxes can serve as fantastic gifts anyone will be flattered and pleased to receive! The Liliana International is a wonderful online store that presents different lacquer miniatures, jewelry and collectibles all ornamented with Russian traditional motives. Surely you can find beautiful Palekh boxes here, too.

When choosing Palekh boxes in this store you will be fascinated with the diversity of these pieces and their gorgeous designs. Such popular fairy tales as are following ones served as themes for getting pictured on Palekh boxes presented on this store:

  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Yemelya And Magic Pike
  • The Tale Of Tsar Saltan
  • Pushkin Tale Golden Cockerel
  • Troika In the Winter
  • Swan Princess

At Liliana International you can also obtain fabulous cigarette cases, brooches and pictures.

Gallery of Palekh Boxes: Discover The Majesty Of Russian Iconography

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