PAX Corner Unit: Design Your Wardrobe Yourself

When you choose a PAX corner unit for your home, pay great attention to the brand. Today, when there is a wide diversity of companies manufacturing PAX furniture pieces, a customer has a broad choice. This fact gives you an opportunity to obtain exclusively high quality products. IKEA is a unique brand name, which has succeeded in combining premium quality and stylish look in each of its products. Hence, you can freely rely on this company.

What makes PAX fitted corner units so unique is that the size, as well as the color and style are left to a customer’s choice. All the interior fittings are perfect for storing your shoes, clothes, ties and anything else in a neat order. The door type is also left at a customer’s choice. You can order as hinged so sliding doors for your corner unit. Anyway, the official website of IKEA offers ready-made models that can serve as examples for their clients. Observing them, you can either order a model you loved the most or have it with some changes.

So, let us consider a couple of ready PAX corner unit models that have gained popularity among customers. One of these units is surely the Nexus Vikedal PAX wardrobe in black-brown coloring. Offered at $705, this wardrobe provides quite much space to store all your clothes and shoes neatly. What concerns its look, the wardrobe will undeniably bring a unique modern appeal to your bedroom or closet. In the same Nexux Vikedal Collection you will also find another amazing PAX wardrobe in more elegant and classic style. This model is larger than the above described one, and therefore, is more expensive ($1,165).

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