Pink Bedroom For Both Mild And Bold Tastes


A pink bedroom is mostly chosen for a little or teenage girls. However, there are also unique interior designs in pink colors that perfectly suit young ladies and married couples. Perhaps the tip to make use of is keeping the walls of the bedroom white whilst the decorations in pink. This way you will have more decorating flexibility rather than if the entire bedroom was colored pink. You can have much fun when mixing different shades of pink and red on bed blankets, curtains, rugs and interior accessories. The key is you will keep up with your little girl’s constantly changing style as she grows up.

Pale Pink Interior

Among the most widely applied bedroom ideas in pink you will love those implemented in pale pink colors. This color creates a soft and mild atmosphere that both little and teenage girls will love. This pretty color makes the room look like a sweet heart! Striped wall posters as well as heart patterns will complement the idea. Moreover, placing old hat shaped statues in brighter pink will bring an extra stylish touch to such a bedroom. Yet, if you would like to bring a bolder shade to your pale pink bedroom, place black furniture. These two colors uniquely compliment each other.

Bold Interior


If you are a bright personality full of energy, be sure you can make your bedroom as bold and energizing as yourself. Simply create a vivid pink bedroom. Use darker shades of pink such as the following ones:

  • Paradise Pink
  • Fundango Pink
  • Tango Pink
  • Mexican Pink
  • Pantone Pink

To accentuate the majesty of your bedroom pink walls, place pale gray or cream furniture.

Gallery of Pink Bedroom For Both Mild And Bold Tastes

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