Polished Porcelain Floor Tiles For Luxurious And Durable Floors At Budget

Polished porcelain floor tiles are distinguished as an utmost luxurious looking cover for any project! Let it be your house of office, polished porcelain finish as a grandiose way to add that shade of sophistication and richness! Along with the clean cut rectified edge, the mirror finish not only brings forward a spacious feel but also makes the floor look fabulous. Accordingly, to make a stylish and luxurious statement in your house, office or a certain commercial business area, polished porcelain tiles will be the best choice to decorate the floors.

Tile Mountain: Available Sizes And Colors

However, before purchasing floor tiles of polished porcelain material, consider well the store. The Tile Mountain is perhaps among those specialized stores that guarantee high quality for their products. Porcelain tiles at this store are available in a great variety of colors and sizes including the large 800x800mm, too, . Meanwhile the competitive price only makes its customers be more truthful. To make the floor color coordinate with that of the interior, you are allowed to choose any porcelain tile of the following colors:

  • White/Ivory
  • Grey
  • Cream/Beige
  • Charcoal/Black

Grey Marble Stripe Porcelain Tiles

Among the unique and most beautiful polished porcelain tiles for floors that the Tile Mountain offers its customers is the Grey Marble Stripe Porcelain model. With a veining effect these highly polished pre-sealed porcelain tiles feature beige foundation and a grey vein that runs through it. Meanwhile the reflective feature that looks so enchanting is provided by the high-gloss finish. Anyway, what makes these tiles outstanding besides their unique and marvelous appeal, is the high durability. Coming with thickness of ten mm and 600×600 size, these tiles guarantee ideal look for your home floors for many years to come!

Positive Features Of Porcelain Tiles

However, there is another feature that high quality polished porcelain floor tiles boast of, is the natural look they have. These products do not need any sealing and can provide that very gorgeous look your home needs yet without the obligation of paying extra large bills for floors! Using these tiles with under-floor heating systems very practical as the structure they have makes it not only possible but very suitable to install them over the floor heating.

Gallery of Polished Porcelain Floor Tiles For Luxurious And Durable Floors At Budget

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