Practical and comfortable walk in closet systems

A walk in closet systems is a separate room, a deep niche in the wall, or separated with sliding doors part of the room, along the walls of which can be positioned shelves and partitions, as well as accessories for shoes, pants, ties. When you use separate rooms for the storage of clothes and underwear, especially in a large family, then it will saves you from having to buy and pile up a living room with lots of cabinets. In the absence of a niche or a separate room, a dressing room can be built almost anywhere, and then you must encircling the room with sliding doors or to use as an overlay the panel chipboard, you can disguise them as bookshelves or any other structure behind which will be a dressing room.

Features of building a walk in closet

But the best option of building a walk in closet – it cut off part of the room-door coupe from wall to wall, and behind them arrange a racks for a wardrobe. When planning your wardrobe you have to take into account the fact that the important thing here is not so much beauty, how much comfort and proper distribution of the compartments are unacceptable voids, and every inch of space should be activated. There are no standards when you make ? walk in closet plans, here each compartment and each shelf is calculated under the specific needs of the customer.

Walk in closet plans – it is not difficult

If you have a lot of laundry than designer will plan to have more horizontal shelves or mesh baskets / shelves. For clothes with shoulders you can build a whole system of rods. Single level of duplex rods, which are well secured, will allow you to make maximum use of every inch of space. For storing small items are designed the drawers and their number, size, shape can be any. For storing shoes, belts, ties, pants, there are special accessories as cheap as well as expensive from reputable manufacturers. To save money, you can purchase a walk in closet systems Ikea. Wardrobe can be metal-frame or panel. In both cases, there are pluses and minuses. Metal-frame systems allow yourself to rearrange the mesh shelves and baskets to any height, but the metal has no such warmth, which have a panel custom walk in closet systems. The surface of the panels in wardrobes of chipboard is covered with high-quality laminate with the texture of the wood. Information about the dangers of formaldehyde, which is contained in a modern wood-base materials is outdated.

Compact and roomy small walk in closet systems

Modern manufacturing techniques allow to obtain a chipboard plates, which are not inferior the wood ecology. Here there is no strict canons on arrangement of a small walk in closet systems, and the main thing to consider each compartment products, in order to make it all “at hand” and there will not be empty and unused bays. Wardrobe racks of chipboard can be “embed”, ie the entire structure will be anchored to the wall, the floor and ceiling. If you do not want to “spoil” the wall, then the dressing room can be designed with modules that you can remove, move, etc. The rear wall of the affordable walk in closet systems is not required. Each master has their own experience in the development of the cloakrooms.

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