Practical Models Of Folding Dining Table IKEA

To get guest ready it is advisable to choose a folding dining table IKEA offers its customers worldwide. This type of furniture is especially convenient for small apartments where you have no separate dining space. Having one at your place, you won’t worry once your friends unexpectedly rush into your home for a gathering! Simply unfold the table and lay it to enjoy a grandiose feast in comfortable accommodations. And once your guests have left, fold the table and place it in the closet not to take much room.

The GAMLEBY table is one of IKEA’s folding dining tables yet it is rather acquired as a gateleg table. The table intended for two persons can easily be extended to six ones, yet this is not the only advantage of the model. Made of solid pine wood, the table top features light antique stain finish with a clear acrylic lacquer. The dimensions of the assembled table are as follows: length – 134cm (min- 67cm, max- 201cm), width – 78cm and height – 74cm. This wonderful table can be purchased at $299.

Another wonderful model counted to the list of folding dining table IKEA is the INGATORP priced $149. Featuring two drop-leaves, the table seats from two to four people. Depending on your need you can adjust the necessary size. The table is made of solid pine wood. It has a marvelous black-brown colored finish that can make the model perfect for any home interior. The dimensions of the table are length – 88cm (min – 59cm, max – 117cm), height – 73cm and width 78cm.

Gallery of Practical Models Of Folding Dining Table IKEA

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