Proper use of closet shelf brackets

It is possible to select closet shelf brackets that will reflet the style of the whole room. Usually brackets manufacturrs offer a wide selectin of Art brackets that will add to your style antique or modern tint. Usually closet shelves brackets are made of cast iron with a special coating making them a durable decorative element. Shelf brackets may be purchased individually or in pair, everything depends on your needs. Sometimes fixing hardware goes together with the brackets.

Brackets also can used for wooden closets. For example, wood closet shelf brackets not only add a specific aesthetic look, but also provide a useful functionality.

Shelf brackets serve as a support for a shelf, making it possible to put on a shelf heavy weights. Durability of the self depends on the brackets quality. Is you need to store heavy weights then fix the brackets closer one to the other. If brackets provide insufficient support your shelves most probably will fall down together with the weight on them. Closet shelf bracket spacing should be equal to one-fourth the whole length of a shelf. If your shelf is 1-foot, then you should mount the brackets every 3 inches.

it is important to remember that correct spacing demands exact knowledge about the weight you are going to store at the shelf. The heavier weight the closer shelf brackets should be mounted.

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