Quartz Floor Tiles: Impressively Hard Wearing And Attractively Beautiful

Fashionable and extremely appealing quartz floor tiles are also distinguished as highly durable flooring type. They are widely used today in most luxurious and fascinating hotels, museums and other establishments. However, this does not mean you can’t turn the floors of your apartment into sparkling sleek ones with quartz tiles. At the popular store Tile Mountain you can obtain gorgeous quartz tiles in the following color shades all with their matching mosaic tiles:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Cream
  • White

Impressive Quality

The quartz tiles of flooring majorly consist of quartz (93%), some resin and crushed mirror pieces. All these components make the tiles highly durable and sturdy. The level of their hard wear is beyond any doubt! These floors do not require any sealing. At the store Tile Mountain you can shop according to several categories. You are free to opt for the thickness you find more suitable for your floors (available in 6-8 and 10-12), as well as the size (available in M, L, and XL sizes). Whether you prefer a gloss finish or not also matters here. Make the purchase according to your needs.

Opulent Quartz Floors

Among the best selling quartz floor tiles which are also in sales, you are sure to love the Quartz Stone Midnight Black model priced £3.60 per tile or £39.99 per square meter. These are paramount quality tiles with unique sparkle provided by the crushed mirror pieces injected. The gloss finish of these amazingly captivating dark tiles promises to bring a luxury look to any space installed in.

Gallery of Quartz Floor Tiles: Impressively Hard Wearing And Attractively Beautiful

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