Railway Sleeper Coffee Table: Practical And Hormonious

A good railway sleeper coffee table can become a valuable addition to any living room let it be styled in contemporary or traditional design. These are usually heavy pieces that perfectly suit into any interior, hence do not hesitate when choosing one. Depending on the manufacturer, a railway sleeper table can be made of different hardwoods. Yet, mostly oak wood is used for creating these furniture pieces. This wood type ensures durability, longevity of service and magnificent look for such tables!

The UK Sleepers is a popular store that uses semi air-dried or green oak when creating coffee tables made of railway sleepers. This means that depending on the temperature of your house as well as the timber dryness, the sleepers will crack and split during time thus adding a specific character to the model. Be sure you will love the way your coffee table “gets old” right in your house bringing a rustic feature with it. Anyway, these tables come ready for the final finish to your choice. Yet, specialists advise to apply wax, oil or varnish finishing to protect the table.

A railway sleeper coffee table is a practical and harmonious piece that wonderfully suits into any interior! Most of all these tables come in rectangular shape and sit close to the floor. This design is chosen deliberately to bring a floating appeal to the tables. UK Sleepers present railway sleeper tables with their tops resting on two underneath bases. These tables do not require those chunky legs that could spoil their uniqueness.

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