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Real small wonders – Mele jewelry boxes

The superior quality Mele jewelry boxes are designed to keep your expensive favorite jewelry in order. Mele jewelry boxes for women have a lot of necklace hangers, ring holders and drawers for your jewelry stuff. You can keep your money there as well as the drawers are rather spacious.

Mele & Co jewelry box company makes various of jewelry armories and boxes for any budget. You can get a luxurious unit made from a walnut for $700 or a cute glass jewelry box for $30 only. This classic but contemporary box can be a gift itself as it looks really fantastic! It has a smoky glass finishing and decorated as a real piece of art. Sure your friend getting it will be happy times more if you put in this perfect storage a small ring, a cute bracelet or a pretty pair of earrings and a necklace.

Vintage Mele jewelry boxes look like jewelry storages from old times, but they are new and made from the best natural materials. All boxes are covered with a soft and smooth tissue inside and this prevents your staff from being scratched. These boxes have many drawers and you can keep your earrings and necklaces separately. each box has a mirror and you can try on your pretty jewelry before you choose what to wear today.

Yes, it is absolutely right idea to get a small wonder – Mele box – today. Your beautiful jewelry deserves it definitely!

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