Sheesham Coffee Table: Bring True Indian Spirit To Your Home Interior

Choosing a Sheesham coffee table you guarantee a beautiful and durable product for your future generations. Sheesham wood or as mostly known Indian Rosewood is a popular wood type within Indian production furniture. This wood can be polished to the necessary look yet preserve its durability. Its beautiful and irregular grain structure looks so wonderful that this wood type is also used in carvings. That is why today you can meet as simple and elegant coffee tables made of Sheesham wood, so those with complicated designs.

Irrespective of the premium quality and amazing look of coffee tables made of Sheesham wood these pieces are not expensive. For instance the Large Jali Thakat Coffee Table is priced as little as approximately $145. This luxurious furniture piece is going to bring a unique touch to any living room, hallway or patio. Not only this coffee table will bring a special breath to your home but also serve as a convenient item to place your journals or remote controls. Be sure your kids will love to do their homework right on this table and you will love to welcome your friends at a cup of coffee or tea around this Sheesham coffee table.

Anyway, you can have the above described Sheesham coffee table in two finishes: light and honey. The dimensions of this table (W110 x H45 x D60cm) make it possible to place the table in any room. It will instantly become the focal point of the whole interior. The light finish gives the model a vibrant and smooth feel whereas the honey finish makes it a lavish and stunning piece. Both variants look simply fantastic!

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