Short history of the portable closet rack

If delve into the history, we can find out that portable closet rack was invented in the French in the 16th century, and it became a comfortable piece of the interior. In those times there were no irons, and things were stored in boxes, where they hesitated, and, accordingly, subsequently had an unsightly appearance. Portable closet shelf has become a convenient and affordable way of storing the wardrobe in order and has spread rapidly throughout the country. This gave the foundation for the development of the closets` manufacturing.

Of course, a heavy duty portable closet rack of those times differs from the current model, but its purpose remains absolutely unchanged. Few people know that some enterprising Norton received a patent on a coat hook in 1989. Modern racks for clothes have developed precisely with such a hook.

Rack for clothing has undergone by fashion trends and changes under its influences. It can be adjusted to growth; it is provided with wheels or used as a separate element of the space design. For example there is nowadays portable closet rack with cover or can be a rack for separate type of the wardrobe. Many trendsetters used to display their collections with the help of racks and hangers with their own logo. If you want to have one of such comfortable give the preference to portable closet racks from Ikea.

Gallery of Short history of the portable closet rack

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