How to Install Slat wall garage

Proslat Aluminum Slatwall Installation Instruction. Layout all of the pieces in your Proslat Slatwall packagein front of the wall you’re installing on.

1 L Trim, 10 Panels, 49.5 inch J Trim,1 96 inch J Trim, 88 Screws,5 4 inch hooks, you’ll also need adrill, stud finder, marker or pencil, and level to complete the installation.

Step 1

Have your printed instructions handy for reference.

Step 2
When deciding on the location of your Proslat panels keep in mind you must start and finishon the studs in your wall and have 6 inches of clearance from the ceilingstuds should be centered at 16 inches apart in order to support 75 pounds per square foot.

Step 3

Once you’ve chosen your installation location verify that your starting and finishing on a stud.Using a stud finder locate all studs between start and finish and mark along their length witha level you’ll need to screw each panel into each stud.

Step 4
Install your bottom horizontal 96 inch J. Trim at the desired starting heightlevel and screw it into the middle studs do not screw it into the first and last studs.

Step 5
Overlap your vertical 49.5 inchJ trims with your horizontal J trim level and screw through both trims into the studs.

Step 6

To install the first panelfit the panel into the top of the tracks made by the vertical J Trims and slideall the way to the bottom. Make sure your panel is seated into the bottom J-Trim and is level.Screw through the upper channel of the panel and into each stud.

Step 7
Repeat Step 6 for all remaining panels.Push down on each panel before screwing to make sure that it’s properlyinterlocked with the lower adjacent panel. Verify the level every 3 panels.

Step 8

Install your top L trim by simply clipping them into the lip above the screw cavity.

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