3 Sliding closet doors IKEA

In the last of 2017 I construct a “3 sliding doors IKEA wardrobe closet”  and the most difficult part was modifying the upper Door Rails. What complicated it more was using a newer PAX Closet, and a older PAX Closet. While the Upper Rail the Doors hang on looked identical, there were slight variations that made the rails hard to line up.

While I am hobbyist wood worker, this was my first Ikea hack and I’m really please how this turned out. This closet ended up costing me only $350 thanks to the lack of answers and assistance at Ikea. After leaving the store frustrated, I looked online and was able to find two thousand US dollars worth of material for a whole lot less. I also found inspiration on this site from other hackers projects.

This wardrobe closet is a little strange with the two 30 inch doors and one 40 inch door. I would of liked 2 40″ doors. That wouldn’t of fit since the maximum closet length available was 110 inches and 2inch later was the room light switch. Had I purchase everything new, I likely would of gone with a 40″ 30″ 40″ door route. However, the items I purchased online were two 30″ and two 40″ doors. After photo shopping a couple samples of how it would look, I decided to keep the two white 30″ doors, paint the 40inch door silver and mount a set of mirrors.

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