Small Glass Coffee Tables Guarantee Stylish And Attractive Interiors

Such furniture pieces as small glass coffee tables can bring the inviting feel your living room lacks without taking much space. The basements of these tables are usually constructed from diverse metals, yet wood is optional as well. The shapes and styles of these tables differ, too. Depending on your living room interior you can choose the model that will best complement it and bring an extra charm. Additionally, the vast majority of glass-made coffee tables are quite affordable.

Oval Glass Table by Furniture America

The Opelle Modern O-Shaped Coffee Table manufactured by Furniture of America belongs to the most beautiful yet affordable glass coffee tables in small size. Priced $282 this stunning piece of furniture features a delicate oval glass top and a bold round black colored base with high-gloss finish. The contemporary design along with the premium quality make this coffee table an amazing focal point anywhere you place it!

Modern Allure Table

Another gorgeous model within small glass coffee tables is the “Allure” Modern Coffee Table with cherry veneer criss-cross arch legs. They perfectly showcase the modern design of the table. The stainless steel pucks of the table are impressively durable and strong. The 10mm tempered glass top of the table has an irregular unique shape. Placing this luxury coffee table anywhere in a house it promises to greatly upgrade its value and look. Irrespective of the gorgeous appearance of this model it costs remarkably low – as little as $280.

Gallery of Small Glass Coffee Tables Guarantee Stylish And Attractive Interiors

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