Small Mudroom Bench: Necessary Furniture Piece

A small mudroom bench is a highly useful and sometimes necessary furniture piece that most people forget of. They provide comfortable sitting place while you are considering what to take our of the mudroom! However, let us pass over a couple of models that will also add special charm and style to the room interior.

The Avenue Six Sahara Bench is a wonderful model of a mudroom bench in small size. Priced $230, this tufted bench comes in delicate grey colored polyester upholstery. It is very soft and provides amazing feeling of comfort. The compact dimensions of the model (18 3/4″H x 39″W x 16 3/4″D) make it suitable for placing even in the smallest mudrooms! Meanwhile the storage space with 250 lbs. weight capacity is perfect for storing any stuff you wish. The storage is entirely lined and can serve perfectly for hiding even fragile things. What concerns the lid of the storage it can never be slammed and damaged as a result due to the safety hinge it has. Anyway, what catches eye within this model first of all is its elegant look that transfers to the environment it is placed in.

If your home interior is a luxury one then perhaps your small mudroom bench must be an according one. The Home Styles Colonial Classic Brown Bench presented at Target Store is a marvelous option for you! Priced $430, this piece is a real embodiment of elegance. Made of solid mahogany hardwood and coming with a soft seat place this model is a true find! It has a wide drawer storage that can accommodate quite many things including shoes, bags, etc.

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