Sofa Couch Difference: Obvious Or Not?

Sofa couch difference is not so highly striking at first sight. That is why most people mistakenly use these two words as synonyms. Anyway, there is actually some distinctness existing between these two pieces of furniture. Understanding it will help you to differentiate the two concepts. This is its turn will lead you to use each product let it be either of them correctly and sensibly. This article is going to unveil the dissimilarity between these two products providing logical explanation.

First of all the difference between a sofa and a couch lies in the origin of these two words. If the expression “sofa” originated from an Arabic phrase “suffah” initiating a seating bench with a blanket and soft pillows on, the phrase “couch” is of French origin pointing out to the Victorian era furniture piece. However, perhaps the main dissimilarity lies in the size and structure of these two furniture pieces. All sofas come with a stable back and two armrests, while a couch is available with either none or one armrest along with a tapered back.

What concerns the size, sofas are usually intended for providing more room for people to sit on. They come in three and even more seater sizes accordingly occupying more space. Meanwhile a couch is a comfy seat place for two or maximum three personal. Anyway, another sofa couch difference lies in the fact that sofas can usually be turned out into beds unlike couches. They are mostly placed in formal living spaces bringing a vibe of elegance and sophistication to the environment whilst couches are met in relatively smaller and cozier living spaces or entertainment zones.

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