Amish Solid Wood Jewelry Armoire. Pictured Nkuku Fairtrade Source:Flickr

Solid Wood Jewelry Armoire will Bring Style and Elegance to your Bedroom!

Solid wood jewelry armoire not only adds a stylish touch to any bedroom, but also presents you with the unique chance of keeping your jewelry well organized. Usually such armoires have several drawers, two or four side storage cabinets and flip top storages to accommodate a great quantity of jewelry. Mirrors that are installed on the inside top storage are quite convenient to have a look when trying on this or that piece of jewelry.

Solid wood jewelry armoire chest is built not only to catch the eye with its brilliant look, but also to last a lifetime! This kind of furniture becomes a family heirloom passed for generations to come and remember your name. The dark or bright wood finish will certainly add a touch of elegance to your room, while having an ample storage space for all your jewelry will make you feel comfortable.

Anyway, there are small bedrooms, where there is no opportunity to place an elegant jewelry armoire. In such cases jewelry wooden boxes come to save your jewelry! Simple, yet chic designs of wooden boxes will be a stylish addition to the bedroom décor while nestling all the jewelry you have. Multi-functionality, brave contemporary or traditional elegant designs and glossy finish are among the numerous advantages of a custom wood jewelry box. The owner possesses the right to choose the material, design and size of the jewelry box he has already dreamt of! Such useful boxes, though cost a little bit more than standard ones.

Jewelry wooden box plans differ depending on the designers’ imaginations and tastes. They can have as traditional round, ellipse or square shapes, so contemporary and the most extravagant designs shaped in heart, piano, magic box and many other exclusive forms!

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